In a court deposition taken on January 27, 2021, Fr. Michael Guidry mentions several priests of the Diocese of Lafayette who were members of his “priest support group,” and he further states that in 2015, three years prior to his victim coming forward with the claim, he revealed to this group his abuse of a minor.

Below are excerpts from the deposition of January 27, which raise several important questions about the condition of the Diocese of Lafayette.

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In light of Fr. Guidry’s testimony, is it possible that there are priests of the Diocese of Lafayette who knew about a case of clerical sexual abuse as early as May or June of 2015, three years prior to the victim’s initial report in May of 2018?

If so, how many priests knew about Fr. Guidry’s actions?

If so, who are the priests who knew about Fr. Guidry’s actions?

If priests knew of this abuse, did they report it to Bishop Jarrell back in 2015 when they first found out about it? If they did, what did Bishop Jarrell do with this information? Was this information reported to Bishop Deshotel in subsequent years?

More importantly, if there were priests who knew about this incident back in 2015, did they report it to the proper civil authorities as they would be legally required to do as mandatory reporters of child sexual abuse?

Should the Diocese of Lafayette and the priests associated with Fr. Guidry’s “support group” be investigated for possible criminal negligence in this area?

The popular narrative provided by the Diocese often suggests that sexual abuse and its cover-up is something of the past and that things are different now with new protocols and safe-guards; but the Guidry abuse occurred as recently as April 2015, and any cover up of that abuse would have begun shortly thereafter. Coupled with the Louisiana Bishops’ recent opposition to a bill in the House of Representatives that would raise the statute of limitations and aid victims in coming forward with their abuse claims, is there not good reason to doubt the proposition that Diocesan cover-up is a thing of the past?

Luke 12: 1-5

Pro ovibus contra lupos,

The Society of St. Peter Damian

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